A small gift of music for the lovebirds!

Hi everyone!

It is Kaia here - a friend of Nan and Steele's. I'm posting because I have an idea that I think would be really sweet for our little lovers!

Here it is:
Think of a favorite song of yours or a song that reminds you of Nan and Steele (or if you're really ambitious - a whole CD of songs) and burn it to a disc and give it to them so that they can have a whole new collection of music that was personally picked for them by everyone who loves them! Bring it to the wedding or bring it to any of the pre-wedding events or just drop it in the mail or give it them if you see them sometime! Let's give them a little something special - because we all know how much they both love music!

Thanks and see you all at the wedding!

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steelio said...

This idea is dope!!! Do it people.