Day 1 of YogaWorks

Any of the worries I had that I chose the wrong program melted away today. I got to the studio at 7am and was immediately sure I did the right thing. There was Annie Carpenter (the teacher) and her assistant and only 10 other students. Normally these programs have 40-60 students, so we're guaranteed lots of loving attention! Amazingly 5 of the 11 are Americans though I'm the only one who traveled for the program. Annie is warm, f-ing funny, SO smart, full of life, compassionate, knowledgeable and did I mention funny? I learned more today than I have in 10 years of practice which I think says a lot about Annie. My favorite quote from today about yoga:
"Yoga is a technology for arriving at this present moment. It is a means of waking up from our spiritual amnesia, so that we can remember all that we already know." -Donna Farhi

The program will be a mix of asana, philosophy, and a lot of anatomy. Day will start with 2 hours of yoga practice followed by 7 of lecture! Lots of homework and reading to keep me very busy. It makes me very glad I went away for the month for this program so that I get to really indulge myself in it without the pressures of my "real life."

My fellow students are wonderful and with such a small group we became fast friends in one day. Easy with a thing like yoga as the connector.

Got done with the day and went for a long walk in my new neighborhood, Balmain. It feels like a little village--the main street, Darling, is covered in boutiques, markets, cafes and it feels like a true village. Cute houses, cute people, and great views. I'm renting a room in a 3bdrm house. Renting the room of an Irish girl while she's gone home. Works out well though it's odd to be in somebody else's house without knowing them. I've got a great flatmate, Matt, who is sweet as ever---though in typical boy fashion I did his dishes last night.

A few pictures from the past few days, got to get to studying...

The quintessential and obligatory Sydney picture (from my ferry ride from the Circular Quay in central Sydney to Balmain, my neighborhood)

On the ferry ride....

the house i wish i lived in based solely on its garden...

a few new yoga pals have some "flat whites" at a cafe next to the studio

view of the harbor bridge from Birchgrove Park on my afternoon walk...


penny stock pick said...

not bad.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found a place and it sounds like it is a fantastic adventure so far. Can't wait to hear more!

gma said...

hey nanner,

this all sounds perfectly you!
i look forward to finding out about your days down under.

love, auntie a