Kookabura sits in the old gum tree....

I had the moment today. One of those elusive moments...those fleeting and rare moments where you really look around and feel through and through "its all good."
One of those moments that that dumb t-shirt/hat company sums up as "Life is Good." I woke up early this Saturday morning--a combination of the kookaburras and the simple
inablility to sleep in past 7. So I got up and took a 3 hour walk around the Balmain Peninsula. Balmain is right across from Sydney CBD (central business district) separated by a bit of the harbor. I walked the entire perimeter of the peninsula catching views, smelling the sweet air, stopping to examine flowers I've never seen before, letting the rays of the sun warm me---and thats when I had the moment. In yoga it's called 'Samadhi'---bliss, peace, balance. I was simply walking and I felt so clear, so present, so happy. We've all had the moments and nothing extraordinary usually brings them on but they're so special. How do you put words to a feeling of balance? Of bliss? Maybe its to be felt not communicated.

My walk was gorgeous and it also had me say to myself "I could see Steele and me living here." As long as all of you would make the incorrigible flight over to visit! My walk ended back on Darling St.--the main drag in Balmain--where there were Saturday markets. Beautiful fruits and veg, antiques, crafts, flowers...perfectly village. All the feelings of bliss were quickly extinguished when we had to go to class all day for 7 hours of anatomy lecture. We had a different teacher for it and it was dreadful. And we've got to do it all over again tomorrow---
But it was redeemed tonight as two of my classmates, Virginia+Melissa and their respective husbands Dave+Jeff and I went to dinner at this delicious Morrocan restaurant called Kazbah. In a week, I've made friends for life.

Last night I met up with an old Waldorf student, Sally. Neither one of us could remember the last time we saw each other, but she's here for the year working with Habitat for Humanity and has only been here for 3 weeks, so we had some good newbie adventures together last night. From the second we met each other at the ferry docks at Circular Quay to the moment we left each other at the bus stop, we were smiling, laughing, sharing sweet stories. We went to Newtown--a kind of gritty hippie area of town---and ate at an amazing African restaurant. Most places are BYOB, so you stop at the bottleshop first and bring in your bottle of wine or beer or whatever---so we did that and had a great time together. Tomorrow night after another long day of class I'm headed to where she's staying in Watson's Bay for a seafood dinner!

Tomorrow morning I am going to check out a possible new apartment to rent for the month---this one is fine, but its kind of a drag to have to wear flip flops into the shower and not want to cook in the kitchen. So if the new place is better---I'm jumping ship.

Overall Sydney is extremely clean, really active, and very friendly. If you haven't been, you should come. And stay for a month if you can.... (pack me in your suitcase and I'll come along!)

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kaia said...

i love reading your blog nanny!! miss you! i'm so happy for you and your adventure. can't wait to hear more!