Sunday in Nelson's Bay....

Not that my life here in Sydney is much of the ratrace living...but it was a treat to get out of town. It was relaxing and filled with lots of good food, vino, sunshine, and great people. We woke up Sunday morning to our flat whites and then headed to the beach where James surfed, Claire and I went for a power beach walk and stumbled upon a nudist beach. Why is it that the nudist beaches tend to have predominantly overweight, middle-aged men? After the beach we went back to the house for a farewell lunch and then hit the road. We had a great ride home dreaming about opening a yoga studio here in Sydney. Claire and I would run the studio, James would make flat whites at the cafe downstairs, and Steele would be the in-house psychologist.

Now I'm in my final week of the program. It's flown by, but I've now turned the corner where I'm ready for it to be done. It's been amazing, but the last push for anything is always the hardest. Friday night we are having a little end-of-the-program soiree at Melissas house, then I have a free day on Saturday to take any last sights in, and then Sunday night I'm hosting a farewell dinner and having all my new friends. Then I'm off on Monday. I can't believe it's almost over. It's been better than I could have imagined. But now I miss my boy and am looking forward to home. I could do without the impending winter though!

As I sit here an look out over the sun setting on Sydney, I am again struck with how blessed I am. To be able to do this for a month and indulge myself in yoga, in a life down under, in new friendships is pretty unbelievable. I feel so glad to have just done it, to have gone for it, to have taken the time to get uncomfortable and find the bliss on the other side. Its a treat and I'll never forget it.

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kaia said...

i love the sounds of the studio, especially with an "in-house" psychologist! perhaps we'll have to open up an art gallery/doggie day care next door! hahaha! love you! can't believe you're almost done!