A Traveler's Journal:

1. First the beautiful and charming Kelly family sends me on my way

2. Then while at LAX, Sarah Silverman and I exchange bathroom niceties at the vanity

3. Then I get an window EXIT row seat and sleep for 10 hours straight without the aid of Ambien, but replete with neck pillow, eye mask, and noise-cancelling head phones

4. Then I get up to stretch and have a good chat with "Jelly Roll" about yoga and healthy eating

5. Upon arrival, I find $20 on the ground

6. After clearing customs a fellow islander from Canada picks me up at the airport and whisks me straight to the beach for my first "flat white"(coffee w/cream)

7. Then I spend the day at Bondi beach and walking the coast with Matt and Carrie (more Canadians from the island days...)
8. And find my ideal place to live

9. Then I come back to Mark and Matt's place to find a very comforting email offering a room for rent moments from the yoga studio in Balmain!

Quite the auspicious beginnings I would say....


Anonymous said...

Nan, looks like you are already enjoying some new adventures. I miss you today, it is a cool sunny day and perfect for a Nan walk around the lake.

love carrie

Anonymous said...

WOW! I am so happy for you... I am wondering if you will ever come back.. looks like paradise to me! Have the time of your life and keep me posted.

Love and best wishes,