Another sutra for you:


Maitri Karuna Muditopeksanam
Sukha Duhka Punyapunya Visayanam
Bhavanatas Citta Prasadanam

By Cultivating attitudes of friendliness towards the happy,
compassion for the unhappy, delight in the virtuous, and disregard
toward to wicked, the mind-stuff retains its undisturbed calmness.

If there are rules to life, aren't these good ones to live by?

I moved on Monday night into a new apartment. I love it. The other house got a little weird. First off, it was dirty. Enough said...but then it got worse. I loved one of my flatmates, Matt, but then last Friday this 65 year old couple moved into the other room (they are in town visiting their daughter) then it was 4 strangers using one bathroom and they were just weird. I never wanted to cook in the kitchen even though I scrubbed it. There was only one pot and that served as the one pan as well and it could never feel clean. The house had a funny scent to it. I wore flip flops anytime I wasn't in bed. It was one of those showers where you feel like you should shower after the shower because you wouldn't dare touch one of the walls or the shower curtain. There wasn't really internet. The toilet was in the laundry room without a sink. Okay, enough reasons to move out...

So I found a new place on Gumtree(like craigslist) that's still in Balmain and right on the harbor overlooking Sydney downtown. i'm fully moved in and i love it! i got here on monday night, met my roomate, linda (31yo engineer) and her boyfriend kieran. they were sitting on the terrace having a drink when i got here with all my bags and i introduced myself and they asked me right out for dinner. so we went to a little italian place down the road and i had an amazing seafood dinner for the second night in a row---red snapper in a tomato, calamari, prawn and mussel stew. it was delicious! you know how i love that. anyhow we had a really good dinner. kieran is very outgoing, lawyer, and loved telling me everything australian. linda is very nice, more reserved, but is very interested in showing me a good time in sydney. they've only been dating for 2.5 months so they are in the sweet and mildly antagonistic stage of their relationship. kieran picked up the bill! what a welcome! we came back home and they had another drink on the terrace as i moved my stuff in. i feel SO much more comfortable here. the kitchen is spotless. my bedroom is perfect and i have a bathroom to myself. and a big yard in front that overlooks the harbor for some good yoga. and it seems like kieran and linda will be freinds too. amazingly my weekends are filling right up! i thought i might get lonely, but instead i feel like i'm running out of time. between the offer to go to Watson's Bay for a weekend, my classmate Virginia's house in Manly (popular northern beach where a lot of surfers live), hang with some classmates, now the new roomates, and Mark and Matt, dinner with my teacher Annie...I've turned into quite the social butterfly!

so it feels good to be moved into a new place. i want to cook now instead of dreading walking in the kitchen. oh yeah, i got here and there was a huge collection of donna hay cookbooks. right up my alley.

so much to say about the training, but my brain needs a little break so I'll write about that later.

love all of you. off to dinner.xxoo

my new place:

my room...

my yard....

my terrace overlooking sydney harbor....


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